How to rent to own propert in Spain

                                    How to Rent to Own Property in Spain

                                    The rent to own option is a formula that allows the tenant to rent a house for an agreed time, after that time, the...
                                    euribor plus

                                    Euríbor Plus, How Will It Affect Mortgages in Spain

                                    All variable rate loans in Spain are based on the European indicator, the Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate). The Euribor rates are based on...
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                                    Fees You Pay When Taking Out a Mortgage Loan in Spain

                                    Applying for a mortgage in Spain means an approximate cost of 10% of property expenses, so we have to take into account that we...
                                    Negotiating home price in Spain

                                    5 Ways to Negotiate Down the Price of a Property in Spain

                                    When someone wants to sell a property in Spain 99 times out of 100 they set the price higher than what they are willing...

                                    Spain’s New Commitment to Fixed Interest Rate Mortgages is Great for Investors

                                    With historically low interest rates set with the Euribor in negative territory the number of fixed interest rates loans has greatly increased in Spain. One...

                                    How to Get a Mortgage in Spain as a Foreign Property Buyer

                                    If you have just arrived to Spain and need to find a mortgage with a Spanish bank you have some work to do! Spain Golden...